Where to Find Young and Naughty BBW Women

Contrary to popular belief, BBW women can have very active sex lives. Just because a woman is large does not mean she has no sex appeal. In fact, a lot of men prefer BBW women because they are curvier. In some men they want a woman who has a throwback figure to years when larger women were more desired. It doesn’t matter why a man may want a BBW, if this is what you are interested in here are a couple places to check to find young BBW women who are open sexually.

Go Online

The internet is going to be a great resource when it comes to BBW singles. You can find hundreds of websites that are devoted to sexually active BBW or at least have categories for BBW. You should find a few sites, check them out by browsing through profiles, and when you find one you like go ahead and set up an account. Most of these sites will charge some type of membership fee to allow you to contact others. The fees vary, with discounts for extended memberships. Try out a shorter membership first, and if you have good results then you can extend it and receive the discounted rates. When you are searching through profiles just narrow your search down to the age range you want and use the keyword BBW to find the most accurate results.

Events and Parties

Finding events and parties that are dedicated to introducing single BBW to men who are interested are easy to find. You may find information posted on adult or swingers forums, or you may find information posted at local community centers. These events are typically laid back, but you should check before attending to ensure it’s not a black tie affair, as some of these will exist as well.

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What Makes Men Attracted To Larger Ladies

While most of society tends to look down on the larger population, BBW have always been desirable to certain men. This may go back to biological drives from our hunting and gathering days. A larger woman in previous centuries was a symbol of health and wealth. It could be simpler than this as well. Men are attracted to larger breasts and hips, and for men who want a woman with naturally large breasts that haven’t been augmented, a BBW is a great way to find this. Here are just a couple of reasons that men may be attracted to larger ladies.

Supple Bodies

A BBW isn’t someone you have to worry about injuring if you play a little rough. Men don’t typically want to lie next to their lovers and feel bone protruding through the skin, and a lot of very thin women have this problem. A BBW is going to be more supple and easier to cuddle with. Having larger breasts and butts also help drive the attraction for a lot of guys.

Fetish Play

This isn’t as common and not as openly received in the BBW world, but a lot of men have fat fetishes. They either get off on the extra rolls of fat a woman may have, or they have some fetish that involved feeding and eating. Some BBW are open to this, while others aren’t. The best way to find a BBW for fetish play is to set up a profile on a fetish or adult dating site.

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Dating Sexy BBW Chicks

Dating a BBW chick is going to be no different than dating any other woman. They enjoy the same activities and dating experiences as thin women. Since a lot of larger women do have some issues with self esteem, you may need to plan your first few dates a little differently, but overall, they shouldn’t be treated any differently than other women. Here are some great tips for dating a BBW.

Planning the Dates

Just as you would with anyone, spend some time talking and getting to know the sexy BBW you’ve met before you plan a date. A good first date could be something as simple as a coffee house. Don’t focus too much on food, as this could make your date feel uncomfortable or self conscious. Of course, dinner is a great date idea, just allow her to pick the place and don’t push her when it comes to ordering.

Out on the Town

Be mindful that a sexy BBW may be very comfortable in the bedroom, but not so comfortable in large groups of people that focus on weight. With this said, planning a date to a night club should be something that she suggests. You don’t want to take her to a popular college hot spot or anyplace that attracts a young, thin crowd unless it’s her idea. This allows her to feel completely comfortable, and will give you the upper hand in the date. If you do choose to go out on the town, opt for some classier joints. A wine bar with good jazz music is a great alternative to a hopping night club.

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Looking For a Real BBW Girlfriend

Many men are attracted to curvier, more voluptuous women. The appeal can be for many reasons. Regardless of the reason, there are plenty of ways to find BBW women to date long term. Here are just a couple places to look and some tips to help you along the way.

Dating Sites

Dating sites, both general and adult, will allow women to post profiles regardless of their size. Most of the sites will allow a woman to either enter their weight, or choose from a list of specified body types. They may say BBW, ample build, some extra padding, or other ways to say larger. When you are searching for BBW’s specifically you will have the option of narrowing the search by choosing the body types you are looking for. You may also be able to use keywords in your search to help you narrow down your choices.

Local Events

Another way to meet BBW’s to date and potentially become involved with is to attend local events. You can find mixers and cocktails for BBW women seeking single men to date. These may be in the form of speed dating events, church mixers, or just simple get together hosted by different groups that advocate for the BBW community. This is a good way to meet people in real time and avoid the computers entirely. If you end up making a good connection, you can set up more dates in the future and really get to know one another. A lot of people make lifetime connections by attending local events.

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Male Fans of Big Women with Big Breasts

Many men admire large breasts. This isn’t news. In fact, women have been augmenting their appearance with their breasts for decades just because of this. A lot of women with naturally larger breasts will wear clothing that shows them off for the attention, and women with smaller breasts may invest in good push up bras or surgery to get a larger appearance. If you are a fan of big breasts, here are a couple things to keep in mind.

Naturally Large

Women with naturally large breasts also tend to be naturally larger all over. A lot of men opt to date a BBW because they are such a fan of big boobs.  It’s going to be rare to find a woman who has very large breasts but is smaller in the waist and hips. It’s also important to remember that naturally large breasts aren’t going to be perky like you see in pornography. Naturally large breasts are going to be heavier than fake breasts.

Augmented Breasts

Men who don’t want a BBW but still want a woman with large breasts will have to learn to love augmented breasts. This is common in strippers, sex workers, and swingers, although a lot of women choose to have surgery to just enhance what they already have slightly. Augmented breasts have come a long way from the early years where they were rock hard and unnatural looking. However, there will still be a difference. Some women claim they can feel the implants under the skin, and a lot of men don’t like this. Scarring is also not uncommon depending on how they were placed.

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Sex with BBW Swingers

BBW women are just as sexually active and open as other parts of the female population. A lot of BBW women are perfectly fine with their appearance, and feel very sexy and sexual. As a result, swinging communities are not uncommon places for some BBW women to hang out. Swinging with a BBW can be great fun, and is no different than swinging with others. If you are looking for a BBW to swing with, or want to try to join in some BBW fun, here are a couple ways to get involved.

Set Up an Online Profile

If you are looking for new swinging partners, swinger’s websites are a great place to start. These sites will allow you to set up profiles and browse through others. Most swingers or adult dating sites have a category or search function just for BBW as well. BBW are just as sexual as others, and many aren’t afraid to post explicit photos in their profiles. You can browse the sites for free in most cases, but to view explicit photos or contact other members you will need to pay for a membership. The membership fees aren’t too high, and the site will allow you to choose the term of the membership. This means if you just want to try it out for a month, you aren’t locked in to a long term membership plan.

Swingers Events

If you are already active in the swinging community in your area, you can simply go to a couple of swingers events. At the events if you find some BBW that you are attracted to, you can simply approach when the time is right and strike up a conversation. Depending on what their boundaries are, you may find that you are allowed to participate and play with them. A lot of single BBW will go to the events as well, so finding a long term swinging partner isn’t difficult if you just go to a few events.

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